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Do you desire more meaningful and deeper relationships?

Are you yearning to grow spiritually  and live life fully?

Gaining more meaning out of relationships and learning to grow spiritually

TRC- Learning to live

We all need a guide and a teacher for ....




  • Weekly ‘Sharing Room’
    • Share your struggles & bring your questions and get the Tanya Rabbi perspective & support
  • Monthly ‘Expert Room
    • Experts share their wisdom in relationship building, spiritual growth and more
  • Personal Sessions with Rabbi Fine
    • 1:1 session discount (Reg. $250 discount $125)

Your Benefits in joining TRC 

  • JLI Course perks :
    • JLI (Jewish Learning Institute) current courses 50% discount
    • Free access to Rabbi Fine’s previous JLI courses
  • Mini personal session bonus
    • Bonus One-time Personal Mini Session with Rabbi Fine for those sign up by May 10th.

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By joining Rabbi Fine and TRC

you will achieve

  • More meaningful and deeper relationships
  • Real spiritual growth
  • Purposeful & deliberate living
  • Life alive and in full technicolor
  • Living with Jewish teachings and Jewish life and yet be a part of the modern world


"By Learning Tanya With Rabbi Fine I have learned so much about myself and how to interact with others.  Before, I felt like I was just going through the motions of life like a hamster on a wheel without any real connection or purpose. Tanya class has helped me be a better human being; with family, adversity, and friends"-  Leah FL

Rabbi Fine a guide and a teacher